Wednesday, August 9, 2017

View of the Week (Special Mid-Week Edition): On Government Possibilities

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Government is changing and being in Government is ever so challenging in light of the changes at the Federal Level.       Please enjoy these selections we chose on potential possibilities that can exist on how a possible future can develop that we received and curated here at The Daily Outsider courtesy of the team at Route Fifty & Defense One: 

Infrastructure eBook: How Today's Decisions Will Shape Tomorrow's Communities

Infrastructure at a Crossroads: Where Do We Go From Here?

Infrastructure is much more than roads and bridges. It’s about railways, water pipes, electrical grids, waterways, seaports, airports and plenty of other facilities and systems that we rely on. It’s about digital infrastructure, too—the type of infrastructure that’s necessary to support the maturing and emerging technologies needed to manage smart cities and resilient communities.

This eBook provides a snapshot of the challenges and questions federal, state and local government decision makers are facing when it comes maintaining and upgrading infrastructure, plus figuring out ways to finance it. 
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Looking at the Air Force's Future

The Future of the Air Force: Available for Download

This new Defense One eBook provides a look at the Air Force’s future, examines the increase in the service's intellectual and organizational energy towards space, their plans to test a new weapon -- a laser -- aboard one of their most beloved attack planes within the next year, the Pentagon's intent to start work on new Air Force Two and Doomsday planes, and more.


The Future of Military Technology | Increasingly, the human tasks on the battlefield are giving way to mechanical ones. That emerging reality will present new opportunities and challenges for a military tasked with maintaining command and control against a wide variety of adversaries, across the globe. This eBook provides a snapshot of what those efforts look like, today and in the near future.
Federal Cybersecurity Threat Survey Report | The 2017 CIA Wikileaks, 2015 and 2016 IRS and 2015 OPM breaches have one thing in common: The criminals compromised federal systems, exposing highly confidential and valuable information. What’s going on? Why are these breaches happening, and what is enabling them? To find out, BeyondTrust commissioned a survey of senior Federal IT managers in early 2017.

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