Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Speciall Edition): G7; @realDonaldTrump & Other Thoughts

The G7 Concludes:  One View 

As we went to Press, President Trump continued its' attacks on the Prime Minister of Canada and concluded his Summit with the North Korean Leader in Singapore.   The Summit Just concluded with a Statement and the World has been debating it ever since epitomized by the following our team complied from the reaction over the Social Grid: 

The Economist of London released this that underscores the Worldwide sentiments on policies pursued by the Trump Administration:

The Economist
Our cover this week looks at America’s foreign policy under President Donald Trump. He may chalk up a success at next week’s summit with North Korea and his tough tactics on trade could well yield concessions. Yet, in the longer term, his bullying, transactional approach to allies and enemies will not serve America or the world well 
Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief

This is also as we captured some of the sentiments in the aftermath of the debacle that was the G7 while the SCOSummit 2018 presided over by China produced some very interesting results with a sampling of the commentary and coverage in US and World Media--while the challenges of the Middle East continue including the upheavel in Israel and the continued Gaza Return March: 

Al Jazeera English 

China Daily 

The Economist of London by @Kaltoons


It is bound to be another very interesting Week in our World as we close out with this On the Gaza Return March & Israel courtesy of Haaretz:

What is clear is that President Trump has disrupted--epitomized by his declaration that he wants to bring US Troops Home--but the Monday June 11 headlines in the Washington Post was telling:

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