Saturday, June 9, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Community Edition): Out & About in the Aftermath of #CaliforniaPrimary2018 Here in Orange County

Our team was out throughout South Orange County during the Elections that concluded on Tuesday.  
This is the latest courtesy of the Registrar of Voters here in Orange County as the team there will be working through it continuing the counting process: 

Making Progress on Ballot Counting

We had record volume of ballots dropped off at polling places on Election Day. In fact, when compared with 2014, we had a 217% increase in ballots left after Election Day (dropped off, provisionals, etc.). We will continue counting through the weekend.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
Headline image for Making Progress on Ballot Counting

Public Notice of Random Draw for Statewide Primary Election

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Ballot Processing Per Day
Ballot Processing Per Day We are working to process 20,000+ ballots per day. This process has multiple steps to ensure every ballot has been examined correctly and is prepared for scanning. Here is a good primer on the process of counting ballots and how long it takes.
Sorting Provisional Ballots
Sorting Provisional BallotsWe had about 45,000 provisional ballots cast on Election Day (most for voters who did not bring their vote-by-mail ballot with them). You can see in this photo that we are sorting provisional ballots by the city in which they were cast - this helps us to prioritize contests to focus on.
Quality Control Process for Ballots
Quality Control Process for BallotsWe have a very stringent process for the quality control in the ballot scanning process. This includes ensuring that no ballot was scanned twice - we do not begin the tally process on ballots that have been scanned until they clear this quality control check.
Risk-Limiting Audit to Begin Monday
Risk-Limiting Audit to Begin MondayWe will be conducting a pilot Risk-Limiting Audit, which will begin on Monday. This audit is not required under state law (and will be in addition to our required 1% manual hand tally). Full details on this audit can be found in our press release.
Current Voter Registration

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