Thursday, June 21, 2018

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): Out & About In the United States This Week

LA Times 

The debate over Immigration has ensued exemplified by this cover of the New Yorker and what the LA Times depicted about the continued reality.   As the debate over Family separation  continued, Congress has been trying to come up with a solution as President Trump doubled down on it--and it has stalled in the House with the Speaker of the House being scolded by the Chair of the House Freedom Caucus.  This is as he blamed the Democrats and Barack Obama.   

Our team selected the takes from Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah on it as President Trump's eldest Son, Donald Trump Jr., pulled out of a fundraiser for George P Bush citing the Bush Family's criticism of the Immigration policy epitomized by the statement by Former First Lady Laura Bush: 

The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, flew down to Texas to visit a shelter and wore a Zara Jacket that had a curious message as Trevor Noah noted--even though the First Lady's Office pushed back hard which was then countered by a Tweet from President Trump with another attack on the Media.  In the meantime, a California couple that began with a modest goal of 2,000 was able to raise over 17,000,000 Million Dollars on Facebook as over 400,000 People had contributed to it--all proceeds will be sent forth to the RAICES, A Texas Non Profit.     The Defense Department, in the meantime, approved 22 Military Lawyers (referred to as JAG's) to be sent to Texas to help prosecute violators as questions still continue to linger about the Executive Order and its' implemenatin--including the reunification of an estimated 2,300 Children.  This is also as one of the commentators on Fox News, though, referred to the detention facilities as Summer Camp.   This is as the Justice Department has initiated action to modify a key decision governing child interments based on what was reported by Lawrence O'Donnel of MSNBC.    

As we continue to assess the on-going debate, we continue to hope that reason prevails for the sake of the Children.   In the meantime, some profound developments occurred--the House just passed a Farm Bill with drastic cuts to the most needy: 

As if this was not enough, The Trump Administration just unveiled its' agenda to drastically reshape the Federal Government to shrink the size of Government in line conservative orthodox Thinking--including merging the Departments of  Education and Labor. .   This is also as Trade Tensions continued with no apparent end in sight with this scolding from China on this throughout the week: 

Another profound challenging week in Washington...

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