Friday, June 1, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Special Monthly Edition): Random Thoughts On Our World

As a new month begins, we wanted to begin by sharing this as we look forward to the privilege to serve:

10 Books Every Global Citizen Should Read This Summer
A powerful book can transport its reader to any part of the world – no matter how remote. These books will take you to faraway places and inspire you to take action on global issues.
Sweden Says Sex Without Consent Is Always Rape
Sweden joins only a small number of countries, including the UK and Canada, where the lack of consent in sex, even without violence, is enough to constitute a crime.
22 Stunning Environmental Photos From May
As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers – and this May also brought droughts, scorching temperatures, and even volcanic eruptions to places around the world.
These 5 Albums Will Be Your Soundtrack to Summer
These five albums are perfect for parties, picnics, and sit-ins, with irresistible beats and explorations of issues like women’s rights, poverty, and racism.
4-Year-Old ‘Superhero’ Is Helping the Homeless
This little man feeds the homeless in a superhero cape in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama – and it's adorable.

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