Monday, November 30, 2015

Winding Down November: Brief Thoughts....

It has been an interesting morning in #Outsiders as the team worked on the Daily Twitter Feeds and decided to bid farewell to November with a simple yet profound Madiba thought.   For me it was a profound weekend though as I had a chance to join a Community Forum organized by Iranian Circle of Women's intercultural Network.   

The keynote was given by a Syrian Journalist/Activist who shared a gripping tale of the true reality in Syria today.   Her own father died of a Brain Stroke brought about by the tortrue he suffered at the hands of the Assad Regime.  I was awe struck as I listened to her sharing her insights and what she tries to do despite all the challenges.

I am remaining hopeful about Paris as #COP21 begins--there have been a lot of handshakes so far.    The need to be hopeful is ever so critical now as is the need for courage and kindess as I "dug this up" from my own digital archicves: 

I look forward to the on-going dialogue.

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