Friday, November 13, 2015

On This Horrific Day in Paris: Thoughts....

Fridays typically is a day where our team looks forward to as it reflects upon the week, decides on the musical interlude and plans out the week-end notations, today was frankly horrific as reports started coming in around 1:00 PM of the heinous attacks in Paris.   It left me speechless.   

Our team was working on updates throughout the day.  It is as challenging as it gets as the magnitude of the attack has become clear.     Our team finished off a Notations earlier tonight as updates came through.   President Obama was absolutely on pointe as he noted that this attack was an attack on all humanity.   

I was on the Social Grid as I finished thoughts and made it a point of visiting the Elyesee Palace Facebook page to simply say: Vive L'France.   As I was on Facebook, I noticed that Facebook had activated its' "safe" feature and three of my facebook friends marked themselves as safe.    As I finished off to have the team take the night off, I was on the prowl for at least some semblance of motivational thoughts as I hope all take solace in this--It is not easy, but we all must.

Our team finished the notations with the simple thought which I underscored when I made the rounds on Facebook:   Vive L' France (Long Live France).

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