Monday, November 9, 2015

On Another Day in #Outsiders: Brief Thoughts.....

It was another busy Monday here in #Outsiders as our team finished off a series of Notations for the day before being "off the grid" to work on on-going research for on-going initiatives including "NASSIM", Daily Outsider 2.x in addition to the on-going daily assessment.    It has been yet again a whirlwind.

As I prepare to go "dark for the night", I saw this on Sea World stopping the Orca shows.   I personally never attended one and frankly am glad I never did and welcome this development:


SeaWorld to End Killer Whale Shows

But this does not negate the broader challenge we face as I saw a very disturbing story in the Orange County Register (my Home Town Paper) on why fishes are no longer off Catalina Island.   Our team will be pursuing this as part of its' on-going research on the environment as it released a Notation in the Education Channel earlier tonight. 

There is one ray of hope I was quite gratified that the team reported on in the #outsider twiter feed:  Elections in #Burma (known as Mynamar).    Two of the top leaders have conceded defeat and it clearly appears that "Madame" (Aung San Suu Kyi') has won.   This is as I have seen very disturbing reports that 500,000 Syrian kids are shut out of schools in Turkey and as the violence continues in Israel, Sisi continues his reign of terror in Egypt as the insurgency rages on.    

Truly challenging times.....

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