Friday, November 6, 2015

Working Away with thoughts on #attitude and #humanity

This week has been a bit of a reflective throughout #Outsiders as the team has shared thoughts and ideas and settled on the artist of the week featuring Nina Simone.   But, the work of the outsiders is never ending as epitomized by a number of updates the team released throughot the properties.  I was surprised by the rejection of the KeystoneXL pipeline now --but not shocked by it since the economic viability was suspect. 

The team was gracious enough to allow me to reflect upon this as we see off another week by featuring this +Jonathan Huie released last night.    This from Victor Frankl goes to heart of what life is about despite all the injustice and inhumanity we're subjected to in our World today:

As I was finishing this off, the Guardian of London reported on the brothers charged with hate crimeis and how they say they were inspired by Donald Trump.    This is as Trump and Carson have just been approved for Secret Service Protection.  What I found so hopeful was seeing humanity in action yet again at St. Timothy's Parish this morning on one of my Community Outreach commitments to see the wonderful souls joined to get the Pantry prepared to serve.   

The beauty and majesty of life....May we be ever so blessed.

I wish all a fabulous Week-End.

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