Saturday, November 21, 2015

On the "Prowl" 4 the W-End: On #Syria, #Muslims & Other Thoughts.....

As the debate ensues about what to do about Syria in the aftermath of Paris, Beirut and Ankara, I ran across this on the interesting tact taken on criticizing the Obama Doctrine on Syria.  I did not see a solution as I have in other analysis when I reflected upon the challenge we faceJINSA in The Weekly Standard: Who Really Betrayed the Syrians? | JINSA Online.

Beyond the debates, there is the very distrubring discussions in the current Republican Party which is outright dangerous.    Donald Trump has advocated registration for Muslim Americans--and after he denied it--doubled down on it.    He called it a "matter of management"--in addition to calling for the closure of Mosques.    This is as Ben Carson took to Time Magazine to say no Syrian Refugees should be brought in although he praised any Muslim Americans he has worked with unless they "denounce" violence.    I made it a point of tagging Dr. Carson's Twitter Feed late last night with this that directly point and point rejected his assertions.

The team, though, ran across this from a few months which I found to be hillarious but at the same time so ironic and troubling as well:

As the weekend is at hand, though, I took comfort in these thoughts on my personal twitter feed before I am "off the grid" for the weekend although the team will be on the "prowl" with the #outsider Twitter Feeds and of course my twitter feed will be updating with the periodic #quote feeds along with the Daily Update:

& this:

Onward to another working weekend...

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