Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Working Away w/Brief Thoughts on the Eve of Veterans Day.....

As #Outsiders goes dark for Veterans Day, I wanted to share this clip on Iran that a friend shared to underscore the true nature of Iran beyond the "hype" out there.    I was reflecting upon this as I caught a glimpse of the "Kids" Debate (that Chris Christie and Mike Huckbaee got demoted to) as all talked about a "Bad Iran Deal" without a clear alternative and constantly bashed Government.    

As I write this, the "leaders" are beginning their debate with the pundits hard at work saying Jeb has to have a stellar performance, Marco has to emerge stronger, etc. etc.     Our team decided not to watch the debate and will continue to assess the state of the campaign as has been done with outreach efforts, direct virtual engagement as necessary along with a sense of what is before it by consulting.   It is interesting that Bobby Jindal's campaign that "Bobby Crushed it".    My reaction was: So!?!?!   What the country needs to realize is that the conservative alternative is in full force in Kansas:  It is not working unless one talks to Sam Brownback, The Governor.

I have not formally decided on who to endorse--but what I did find very hillarious was what Hillary's Campaign did which I wanted to share:

(Update:  Marco Rubio's Campaign apparently is already fundraising on it...the team will have some updates on it later on this week--as the team is also working on change in Canada and change in Colombia).

On a More Important note, I wanted to wish all Veterans in the United States and their families a Happy Veterans Day and underscore that their service will never be forgotten as I also hope all enjoy this beautiful clip depicting the real Iran: 

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