Thursday, November 19, 2015

On the Prowl: Thoughts 4 the Night.....

It was another busy day here in #Outsiders as our team finished off a series of notations, remembered Mickey Mouse and assessed our world  trying to keep a positive upbeat view   with the daily curations it released to the Twitter Feed.   With the challenging week that was at hand, it was gratifying to see the team focus on deciding on the artist of the week and the selections they chose for the #Outsider properties that will be available for all to enjoy throughout the day tomorrow.

It was also quite a disturbing day on the political scene as the two current leading US Republican Presidential candidates talked about issuing special identity cards for Muslims and disparinsgly refer to Syrian Dogs.  It was sickening to say the least--that's why I viewed the focus by the team was so vital to help bring a sense of light and a bit of joy in an otherwise increasingly acronomious debate on refugees in the aftermath of Paris.     

As I finish off this late notations, I decided to go to my personal digital archives to share some thoughts which underscores the sentiments I try to live up to which is the driving force for outsiders especially as we reflect upon all that we're thankful for on this thanksgiving week in the United States.

I wish all a fabulous Friday and a fabulous weekend.


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