Sunday, November 8, 2015

On the Eve of the New Week: Personal Thoughts (Updated)

Our team released a Notation earlier tonight on the changing Iran.    It prompted me to remember another milestone as I remembered the Green Movement and looked up this beautiful clip as Mir Hossein Mousavi launched his campaign: 

As I write this, he is still under house arrest along with his wife.      The other leading internal opposition leader, Mehdi Karoubi, continues to be under house arrest as well.   I welcomed President Rouhani's warning against the media--even though what I view as dead-enders in Iran seem to have the upper hand as reported so eloquently by the New York Times' Thomas Edbrink earlier.      This was picked up by Jeb Bush on Twitter as an example of why the "Mullahs" cannot be trusted--even though he did not seem to reaize the realities on the ground.   

Our team also released a Notation on India and the aftermath of the elections--it is one of the on-going projects we'll be working on in the aftermath of the elections.    Part of the explanation has to do with the so-called commuanlization of the country that the BJP had which led one of my favorite actors, Shahrkoh Khan, to speak out on it:

Interesting times as a new week is before us.....

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