Monday, March 20, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On @POTUS Watch , #Syria, #Europe & Other Thoughts

It has been quite a day in our World today as The FBI Director has underscored that no proof exists to back up President Trump's claim that the Obama Administration (or President Obama personally) bugged Trump Tower.   This is as the FBI Director has also confirmed that investigations are continuing into allegations of Trump Campaign collusion with Russia.   As we went to press, the White House Doubled Down on the wiretap claim as reported by CNN.  

As we noted in our Newsflash earlier today, Iran's New Year Began.   Both the President, Hassan Rouhani, and the Supreme Guide (Leader), Ali Khameini, sent new year greetings.    Our team found it especially interesting how the President spoke in front of a Traditional Haft Sin Table and the dark, dour nature of the surroundings as Ayatollah Khamenei spoke:

Ayatollah Khameini, Iran's Supreme Guide 
Hassan Rouhani, Iran's President 

Ayatollah Khamenei's criticism of the Government was striking as Iran prepares for Presidential Elections.    How the top officials fell into line with Khameini's declarations about the "profound burden" was quite striking to see as Rouhani's Deputy and Rouhani himself spoke regarding this.  What is interesting is how the Foundations and Organs under the direct control of the Supreme Guide exempt from taxation and accountability is not part of this criticism.   This is as the Syrian and Iraqi wars continue with no end in site--wars that Iran is deeply involved with at a considerable cost.As we assessed the "Grid",  reporting on a Russian Deal with the Kurds to establish a base is quite remarkable.    This is as   Syria and Israel are at a crossroads and it appears that the Russians have put their foot down that Israel needs to drastically curtail its' foray into Syria with its' recent assaults--the most recent of them having apparently killed a senior Syrian Air Defense Official.

Europe is also at a crossroads.   Brexit will officially begin March 29--our team released what the Guardian of London's take on it was earlier during our daily Twitter Curation.    It is indeed a journey into the unknown especially as Scotland is making noises about independence.    As we also went to press, the French Presidential Debate was also at hand which should be quite a show to watch--Our Team released the link to our Twitter Feed (@ordinaryfaces) earlier.   

Truly interesting times....

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