Sunday, March 12, 2017


Nouroz "Haft-Seen" (A celebration of Spring & the Possibilities) 
Spring is in the Air.   It is the time for Nature to renew itself and to think about the art of the possible yet again.  This is as an estimated 300 Million People around the World celebrate the advent of Spring with the ancient celebration of Nouroz.      This is also as Hindus around the World will be Celebrating Holli:


We wanted to maintain a spirit of  fun and reflect upon the art of the possible as we decided to feature this "Grid of Thought" courtesy of the Team at +VALUES.COM which we hope all enjoy as we all jointly march towards Spring:

Inspiration alex scott Optimism thomas edison Achievement neil armstrongPeace desmond tutu Persistence abraham lincoln

This is also the Lent Season and this image captured it all about the need to renewal always: 


On behalf of all of us here at the Daily Outsider, we wish all a great week!!! we wish all our Hindu Brothers and Sisters...

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