Sunday, March 19, 2017

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): As The New Week Dawns....

As we went to press, we wanted to begin this edition of "Notations" with a focus on Iran as the Country is about to usher in the New Year of 1396 in a little over 7 Hours.    The Farsi Service of the Voice Of America was busy over the past number of weeks reflecting upon the year as it looked to the new year--including a "viewer-driven" program about the notorious players of the year in Iran today:

One of the most notable persons at hand was the Mayor of Tehran, Ghalibaf, who was deemed the "Liar of the year"--especially in the aftermath of the collapse of the Plasco Building in Tehran earlier in the year.  Iran's Former President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is making noises again to run in the elections--after revelations about the extent of the corruption during his 8 years.    What was also quite interesting was how it was revealed that the former President did not even have a  He is yet to face Justice--even though one of his Vice Presidents has declared his candidacy.    Our team was amused as the former President joined Twitter and noted "...Follow Me" even though Twitter was blocked during the Green Movement.    It must be noted that  Iran will be basically shut down for 2 weeks before things begin anew.    Tragedy also struck Iran as the South part of the Country was faced with a Tsunami.   

Beyond Iran, there is Israel.   Israel in the midst of a political crisis as a result of the dispute over the replacement of the Public Broadcast Authority that may result in snap elections.   The current Prime Minister has a razor-thin majority in Parliament and any fissure will cause the Government to collapse.  This is as Israel has attacked Syria and Syria has retaliated.       The rebels, though, seem to have been emboldened as they attacked Government Forces in Damascus--taking the fight to the heart of the Regime.    Damascus had seen a number of car bombs over the past week as well.  This underscores that the Syrian War will continue onward despite supposed regime gains over the past number of weeks.      

Beyond the Middle East, there is China.   The US Secretary of State has been in China gearing up for a summit with President Trump.   Although Mr. Tillerson met with President Xi for about 7 Minutes, the bulk of the discussions was with the Chinese Foreign Minister--as thorny issues including THAAD and North Korea was discussed.   China Daily (an Official Organ of the Chinse Government), depicted the View from China below: 

This is as India has seen the opening battles being drawn for the 2019 Elections.   Uttar Pradesh--India's Largest State with over 200 Million Residents--has a new Chief Minister.  He is a Hindu Ideologue by the name of Yogi Abijah who believes in a Hindu India.   Although he has committed to be the leader for all the people, it will be interesting to see how things develop.   

Meanwhile, in the United States, there are a number of key things coming up this week.   The Budget Blueprint was one of the central topics of discussion during the US Public Affair Shows.  The Budget Director noted something very interesting during his appearance on CBS News' Face The Nation as he noted that he does not have a business card because he has to pay for it--as the host, John Dickerson, asked about the President's Trips to his Florida Estate.    This is also as The Healthcare law continues to work itself through--Ted Cruz said that the Healthcare law as it stands will not pass. as hearings will be conveyed on the Russia connections that would feature the FBI Director.   The Supreme Court Nominee will also be before the US Senate Judiciary Committee.

It is bound to be an interesting week....

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