Friday, March 10, 2017

Notations On Our World: On the Eve of The Week-End w/Thoughts On South Korea & A Musical Interlude To Enjoy....

South Korea just made history as a sitting President was impeached and has been forced from office.  It is about the rule of law and being witness to history has been quite remarkable to be witness to.    It will be interesting to see how the dynamics with North Korea will change in light of the changes and the looming election to the Blue House (The South Korean Presidential Residence).  We have also been assessing the latest out of India with a very key election that would be a harbinger of the looming 2019 Election as Prime Minister Modi gears up for reelection. 

Our team wanted to begin the weekend with this "oldie" from the group Hiroshima with their rendition of "One Fine Day" which we hope all enjoy:  

We leave you with A remix of Egyptian Cat Heads from the Met Museum Open Access collection by Claire Voon for Hyperallergic, CC0 as we wish all a fabulous and restful Weekend: 

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