Friday, April 28, 2017

Notations On Our World: On The US GDP Numbers & Other Thought (w/an update...)

Our team is right now as Business Forward is hosting a conference call on the latest US GDP Numbers.  The GDP Growth was .7 Percent For the Quarter.     One of the key components was lower Auto Sales--epitomized by what Ford reported earlier this week:

The Latest Economic Trends - 1Q2017 GDP Report from businessforward

There is a lot to "decouple" about the numbers as the World awaits the Fed's decision to "normalize" monetary policy.   

As we went to press, Congress passaed a one week spending measure to avoid a Government shutdown as the debate has begun in earnest about the Tax Reform Plan that President Trump's key economic advisors have announced as the President's 100 Days is before us Tomorrow:   

(Update:  Our team just finished off curating other properties within Daily Outsider (including our Visions Channel)  as we hope all enjoy visits )

We wish all a fabulous Week-End.

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