Sunday, April 16, 2017

View of the Week: Planning For the (Very) Long Term

We wanted to welcome all to this new week with a "brighter note" courtesy of the team at BuzzFeed!!  It has been quite a weekend.

As we went to Press, Turkey has approved expanded Presidential Powers; Iran was about to enter a period of profound uncertainty and North Korea tried to launch missiles that failed in the aftermath of the Military Parade celebrating their "Day of the Sun" celebrating the birthday of the Nation's Founder.     This is as Israel is faced with another profound challenge as some 700 Palestinian prisoners have officially gone on Strike and thousands have also threatened which will be quite challenging as noted.  

As a new week dawns, we wanted to begin by featuring this Ted Talk from Ari Wallach.   This has been one of the implicit goals we've had here at The Daily Outsider as we have sought to work to "Change the Conversation" about our World as challenges continue to mount.   Please Enjoy:

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