Friday, April 7, 2017

On the Prowl w/this "Snapshot" Courtesy of @GlobalCitizen....

As our team continues onward, we wanted to feature this News Digest courtesy of the Team at Global Citizen that is in the end about all who are Outsiders and who are making a difference--it is a call to action while at the same time a celebration of the resiliency of the human spirit--this is as the United States Attacked Syria late last night US Time and as we went to press, President Trump's First Supreme Court Nominee, Neil Gorsuch, was confirmed as the latest Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court after the US Senate adopted the "nuclear option" to overcome a filibuster by 41 Democratic Senators: 

The Global Citizen Guide to Education
April 7, 2017, Newsletter

Global Citizen Stories

This Dream Team Is About to Assemble
Justin Trudeau announced that Malala Yousafzai will receive honorary Canadian citizenship next week and become the youngest person ever to address the nation’s parliament.


2-Year-Old Girl Has No Time for Haters
A cashier recently told this girl that the doll she picked out didn't look like her, and the girl’s response was perfect.


Mexico City’s Metro Now Has a ‘Penis Seat’
The seat, marked “for men only,” is part of a clever campaign to combat sexual harassment on the city’s public transportation.


Bella Hadid Made a Powerful Statement for All Muslims
In a recent interview, Hadid talked about being the daughter of a refugee and spoke out against Trump’s travel ban, saying, “I am proud to be Muslim.” (via Mic)


7 Feminist Laws Prove Iceland’s the Coolest
Take a look at the laws in this Nordic nation – which has a Ministry of Gender Equality – to see just how far the rest of the world has to go.


New Month, New Movies to Stream
Check out our viewing guide to see what new movies and shows hit streaming sites this week – including this incredible Oscar winner for best picture.


We’re Kind of Obsessed With Women’s Empowerment
Help us remind world leaders that they should be, too. Take action on our site to help get more women into work and create real gender equality.

Help Us Make Sure Every Child Goes to School
The world can’t be prosperous when 263 million children are missing out on an education. Sign our petition to tell world leaders to increase funding for education.

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