Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): @SpeakerRyan Will not Seek Re-Election

This has just been confirmed by multiple News Sources (Including NBC News Below)  as the US Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, Will not seek Re-Election which can be quite a game changer: 

Paul Ryan will not seek re-election, NBC News confirms
House Speaker Paul Ryan will not seek re-election, NBC News confirms. NBC’s Garrett Haake and Kasie Hunt report on how the House Speaker’s decision to not seek re-election will affect the Republican Party in Congress.
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(Update:  The House Speaker just concluded a Press Conference within the past hour noting his justification citing his Family and touting his achievements.    One of the key questions was on the Trillion Dollar Deficits and how he noted his attempts at Entitlement Reform.     The comments from Professor Turley Was quite interesting in this regard as we await the interesting times before us as he (and we) ..."
.remain(s)  astonished that 
there was not more of an uproar over the massive budget just passed after lifting debt ceilings by both parties.  Now, the Congressional Budget Office is projecting that the combination of the new tax bill and our massive budget will push the national debt to nearly the same size as gross domestic product by 2028.  That is with an economic growth rate of 3.3 percent this year.

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