Monday, April 23, 2018

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): As The New Week Looms......

It has been quite a weekend as our team continued to keep pace with our World with the problematic nature of the Trump Presidency epitomized by this recent cover of Time Magazine.    In addition, there was the continued backlash in the aftermath of the Comey Memo leak.  Beyond that, there were reporting about how President Trump lied to get on the Forbes 400.

The turnover in the White House and the chaos that has epitomized  & by the analysis presented in the PBS Newshour late last week was underscored: 

It is also interesting that the weekend saw finally a major figure in Iran, Saeed Mortazavi, arrested.  He had been hiding in the North of the Country and his "disappearance" had caused a lot of laughter throughout the Country as he was on the run after having been convicted of felony murder and other charges.  This is as Iran continued to be in a stage of outrage in the aftermath of the beating up of the young lady the streets of Tehran by the Morality Police.   This is as there were protests in Armenia, South Africa and Nicaragua--to name a few.   This is also as North Korea said it will stop its' nuclear program in anticipation of a summit with the South Korea and an apparent upcoming summit with Donald Trump.  This is also as the War in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Egypt railed on--and there was a suicide bomber that attacked a Voter Registration Center in the Afghan Capital.

As it was a challenging World, our team made a few selections as a "Musical Interlude" which we hope all enjoy as we continue to remain hopeful about our World despite the profound challenges: 

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