Monday, April 30, 2018

Random Thoughts: On Our World.....

It has been quite a weekend as the Home Secretary in the UK resigned (replaced by the first Muslim, Saeed Javid) and as our World continued to be ever so beset by challenges including the tragedy in Afghanistan that some 9 Journalists lost their lives in a new Daesh (ISIL) attack in Kabul.   

Iran--a key focus for us--is also at the forefront in light of the French President's visit and the new US Secretary of State's tour of the region.     All indications are that the President will "nix" the deal which will continue to have profound consequences (as The Israeli Prime Minister made another speech again).     This is as the War in Syria rages on and as Iraq and Lebanon are gearing up for pivotal elections.   This is as we picked this up on the Opoid  Crisis that continues to wreck havoc on the United States courtesy of the team at City Lab: 


Map of opioid stat miscounts

There’s more to America’s opioid epidemic than death statistics—and even those can be unreliable. The map above shows just how much states may undercount their opioid death rates. The dark shades represent the biggest difference between reported opioid mortality rates in 2014 and corrected rates based on analysis from the University of Virginia.

As those numbers lag, cities and towns are on the front lines of an opioid crisis they don’t fully understand. Some are getting creative with how to gather more data on the problem: One city even has a plan to mine drug-usage data from its sewage. CityLab’s Linda Poon has the story on the experimental, data-driven quest to learn what’s really happening in the opioid crisis.

As this month is before us, please enjoy these "Random Thoughts" from the Grid as our team will continue to keep the daily curation of our Twitter Channel at hand with our key focus areas including The Near East (Middle East), China, India, Technology and Education--Onward!!

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