Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Special Wednesday Edition): On the #TrumpAddress, Emergency Powers & Remembering President Reagan

President Trump spoke last night as the US Government continues to be shut down and the Democratic Leaders responded.     There has been discussions on the President's Emergency Powers as the debate continues.    Stephen Colbert provided a brief preview of what was expected during the speech:  

  Our team will be assessing the President's Emergency Powers as we also understand there are currently 51 Active Presidential Emergency Declarations--one of the oldest being the declaration by President Jimmy Carter over the Iran Hostage Crisis.    The Emergency Powers of the President are ill-defined.

As we went to press, We understand that there is another meeting scheduled for 3 PM EST at the White House.   As we note both speeches, our team chose this from President Reagan as the 30th anniversary of his farewell address approaches:

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