Monday, January 14, 2019

Out & About On the US Government Shutdown: Perspectives

As we went to press, the US Government shutdown continued.   It impacted Air Travel,  the Federal Courts, Meat inspections and other vital US Government Services as 800,000 Federal Workers went on without pay.   This is as reporting by the New York Times and the Washington Post noted how President Trump was an agent of Russia.      Trevor Noah shared some thoughts on it:

However, one thing that has been so telling has been the absence of the US Senate Majority Leader in the Shutdown as noted below:

There is also another drama before us:  The hearing to confirm William Barr for Attorney General.   Mr. Barr noted that he would make sure the Special Counsel will be allowed to finish his work underscoring his 30-year friendship with Special Counsel Mueller  and this support from the Judicial Crisis Network:

The anxiety is recognized as exemplified by this from the Commandant of the US Coast Guard:

As our team continue to assess the discourse on the Government Shutdown (including the one by the Chair of the Council of the President's Economic Advisers calling it a "vacation" by the 800,000 Federal Workers), Kaltoons (whom we have had the pleasure to feature) captured the essence of the message brilliantly:

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