Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Notations On Our World (Special Wednesday Edition): On @POTUS Watch

As we went to press, we were continuing to assess the aftermath of President Trump's Oval Office Speech--this is as the shutdown continues--and we captured just two examples of the on-going impact over the past 24 hours above.

As we were on the prowl today, our team picked up a tweet from the President in the aftermath of his Oval Office Speech which was not received well (with the exception of the News Personalities at Fox News):

This was prompted by Ian Bremmer in the aftermath of the President noting that he would be withholding FEMA money from California--We released this in support of the call by Speaker Pelosi within the past hour:

We also picked up this matter-of-fact letter from the Airline Pilots Association which was dated January 2 and reported by Inc. on the ramifications of the shutdown--we have noted the original letter here for reference

 Update:   This from David Frum as we also are assessing the situation in Sudan along with Brexit and as the Secretary of State is making the rounds in the Middle East:

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