Saturday, June 3, 2017

Notations On Our World (W-End Edition): On #MCR; @ArianaGrande & Other Thoughts...

It has been quite a week.     The #UKElection2017 is coming up this coming Thursday and   The debates by the leaders in the UK was quite enticing and engaging.  The Former FBI Director, James Comey , is set to testify--the President is apparently contemplating Executive Privilege which according to analysts will be quite problematic..   

This has also been a week as  President Trump's Decision will continue to reverberate for some time--something we've focused on here and will continue to do so.    Members of our team were also shocked at another attack in Kabul--this time suicide bombers attacking a funeral of a man killed in the march against insecurity in Kabul as Kabul was witness to the horrific attack that saw hundreds killed.  It must be noted that one of the objects of scorn by President Trump was India.    In direct refutation of this, The Indian Prime Minister noted that India will go beyond Paris as he was visited President Macron.  

There is one positive highlight which is the OneLove Manchester Concert which is slated to be broadcast live by all key Social Platforms (Twitter; Facebook & Youtube who we consider partners) and others such as Disney's Freeform.   The tickets sold out in minutes. 



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