Monday, June 12, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On #GE17; @realDonaldTrump & Other Thoughts.....

As our team continues onward,  please enjoy this snapshot courtesy of the team at Global Citizen on the Week that was in our World as we are witness to a political revolution in France (& the headline in France24 was telling): 

On the first day Macron created a party, on the second a one-party state

, political chaos in the UK  and profound challenging times in Washington as President Trump had an interesting cabinet meeting (that someone deemed Pyongyang on the Potomac), The Attorney General is slated to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee Tomorrow (as Congress is busy rolling back the Obama Era) and Ivanka Trump defends her Father --and as the World continues to be transformational as noted below...

An interesting week ahead.....

The Global Citizen Guide to Education
June 12, 2017, Newsletter
Global Citizen Stories
7 Ways President Macron Is a True Global Citizen
The new French president is kind of a Global Citizen champion. Here’s how he’s already stood up for women and girls, the environment, and minorities during his first month in office.
Leo Is Saving This Porpoise Like the Hero He Is
There are only about 30 vaquita porpoises left in the world – and now Leonardo DiCaprio is working with the Mexican government to save them from extinction.
Nadia Murad Makes an Emotional Return Home
Murad, a Yazidi activist, returned to her home in Iraq for the first time since she was captured and enslaved by ISIS in 2014.
She Was Fired After Getting Her Period
When this model got her period on the job, she was refused a bathroom break. Then, her employer ordered her to leave because of her “period situation.”
These 17 Athletes Are Shattering Gender Stereotypes
From fencing and basketball to swimming and tennis, these female athletes are totally #winning – and inspiring young women how to play like a girl.
18 Powerful Photos From Around the World This Week
The internet collectively lost its mind when Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau had a dinner date, then again when James Comey testified. Here’s what else caught our eyes this week.
Muslim Man Gives Hugs After Manchester Attack
In the wake of last month’s terror attack, this man performed a social experiment by giving free hugs to strangers – and trusting them enough to do it blindfolded.
We Support Women’s Health – Always
If you do too, help us call on world leaders to make the health of women and girls a global priority at this year’s G20 summit in Hamburg.

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