Friday, June 9, 2017

Notations From The Grid (Friday Edition): On Our World in the aftermath of UK #GE17 & Other Thoughts...

It has been quite a morning in our World as the United Kingdom has entered into a period of uncertainty in the aftermath of the elections.    The return of two-party politics has become the norm in the UK as the Prime Minister has gone to the Queen to request the forming of a new Government with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.    There is some talk that the UK may have to be faced with another General Election within a year==it is slated to quite messy.   Across on the continent, though, is France as President Macron's new Party is set to command a majority in the French National Assembly which will transform France.     President Macron has also decided to end the State of Emergency--but incorporate certain provisions in common law.    We have also been continuing to assess the Gulf Crisis as countries continue to gang up on Qatar--as Qataris have heeded the call of the Emir of Qatar and the Government to stay patient. 

We wanted to enter the weekend with this "snapshot" courtesy of the team at Global Citizen on a high note as we wish all a great weekend: 

The Global Citizen Guide to Education
June 9, 2017, Newsletter
Global Citizen Stories
Keep Calm and Flirt With Beautiful Men
After last weekend’s attack in London, these five awesome reactions prove the spirit of British people won’t be defeated by terrorism.
John Oliver Went on a Beautiful Climate Change Rant
Without holding back, John Oliver brutally – and humorously – took down Trump’s decision to leave the Paris agreement.
Rihanna Went to Malawi for a Really Good Reason
One of our favorite musicians and humanitarians of all time went to Malawi in support of childhood education – and Global Citizen went with her.
11 Heartwarming Moments From the Manchester Benefit
Hate never wins. Ariana Grande returned to the stage to honor the victims of the Manchester terror attack – and she brought some of our favorite Global Citizens with her.
Leaked Notes Reveal How Leaders Pressured Trump
New details from a meeting in late May reveal how Macron, Merkel, and Trudeau tried to sway Trump on climate change before his decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement.
Syrian Boy From Viral Photo Resurfaces
His stunned image covered in dust and blood became an iconic symbol of suffering. Now, new images of the boy show him still allegedly living in Aleppo.
Listen to the Dalai Lama’s Words on Terrorism
The Dalai Lama has some thoughts about "Muslim terrorists," and his speech is definitely worth revisiting in light of recent attacks.

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