Tuesday, June 20, 2017

View of the Week (Weekly Edition): How The Muslim Community is Making a Difference

LaunchGood has launched two initiatives which we are pleased to feature here to underscore the good that organizations such as LaunchGood undertake to overcome misconceptions about our World: :

I was enjoying my third ever Father's Day Sunday when I heard the news about Nabra, a young Muslim teen brutally murdered in Virginia. Shortly after, more bad news - a man had driven a truck into a crowd of Muslims in Finsbury Park.
It turned into a difficult and busy evening for myself and the entire LaunchGood team. Now more than ever we need to stand together in solidarity with our sisters and brothers. No amount of money will bring Nabra or the Finsbury Park victims back, but here's our small part to support those in the community who want to show their solidarity with the victims, and we pray it brings some healing and peace to the hearts of the families involved.
Walaikum as salaam wa rahmatullah (with God's peace and blessings),
Chris Abdul Rahman Blauvelt
CEO/Founder, LaunchGood.com

Nabra Hasan Brutally Murdered on Her Walk to The Mosque

This morning the ADAMS community in Sterling, VA lost 17 year old Nabra, in an apparent brutal murder during qiyam time. Her body was found this afternoon and members of the ADAMS community are working together to raise money for her family in this time of need. Investigation is still pending and donors are encouraged to follow news outlets as more details are released.
Show Your Support For Nabra

Van Hits Worshippers Outside Mosque in London's Finsbury Park

Several pedestrians have been injured after being hit by a van in a "major incident" near a mosque in London. Witnesses said the vehicle veered off the road into worshippers leaving prayers in Finsbury Park shortly after midnight. “From the window, I started hearing a lot of yelling and screeching, a lot of chaos outside," a woman who lives opposite the scene told the BBC. - Independent
Support Victims & Families of Finsbury Park Attack

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