Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Mid-Week Edition): On #Iran, #Qatar, #Israel & Other Thoughts

Doha, Qatar 

As President Trump blasted Qatar, the State Department came out yesterday being "mystified" by the apparent grievances that was yet to be provided as we went to press with this edition of Notations.   This is as Professor Dabashi of Columbia released very interesting thought on the State of Affairs and the implicit alliance that seems to be develping between Saudi Arabia and Iraq as Iran and Qatar both seem to be targets: :

This is as King Salman of Saudi Arabia appointed his son as Crown Prince and demoted Mohammad Bin Nayef Bin AbdulAziz,  his Nephew.    It was not too much of a surprise at all in our view as he had amassed a lot of power at the expense of Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef: 


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