Monday, June 5, 2017

On Our Virtual WalkAbout For the Week

President Trump begin the morning going after the Mayor of London again.  This is as he rolled out his  Air Traffic Control Initiative that at its' heart calls for a privatization of Air Traffic Control.   The Washington Post had an interesting snapshot of What the President had done as one point was noted: The President finds it easier to destroy than to build.   Our team found it especially poignant that even the Washington Examiner, one of the leading Conservative Voices in Washington, called upon Republicans to begin Governing.

But this weekend was also a great weekend as #OneLoveManchester was held.  It was a beautiful event and it was an honor for us here at the Daily Outsider to release a newsflash on it.    It has raised some 3 Million Dollars for Manchester Victims--as the music luminaries of our time put on quite a show and the scenes were heartwarming:


Justin Bieber's admonition was beautiful: Fight evil with good, fight evil with love... don't fight evil with more evil".     The team at Global Citizen (that we value as a partner) captured the scenes beautifully earlier today which is available by clicking here.

It is also time for our latest edition of  Thought For the Week, please enjoy this selection courtesy of the team at Global Citizen Featuring Hillary Clinton:

This is as the UK Elections Loom with polls seeing a virtual collapse for the ruling conservatives and as the World awaits the testimony of James Comey, the former FBI Director.    It is bound to be quite week.   

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