Thursday, August 1, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Special Opening Month Edition): On Our World


It is the dawn of a new Month here at the Daily Outsider.     We decided to "hit the ground" running as we chose headlines over the past few weeks as Boris Johnson became UK Prime Minister, the UK Government began a "turbo-charge" effort for Brexit with profound implications.   Europe has new leadership as well as we could not agree more with the image we've headlined courtesy of the team at the Economist of London on how the structures of society is ever so challenged. 

We look forward  to our responsibility in working to help transform to change the conversation about our World. 

As the headlines underscore, we have profound challenges in our World which will be a focus of us throughout our properties: 


EU Moves To Select My Leader Who Has Called For A “United States Of Europe”

by jonathanturley
We have previously discussed how the controversial EU President Jean-Claude Juncker has dismissed the notion of national boundaries and called nationalists "stupid."  Various countries are faced with parties seeking to exit from the European Union as the EU exercised more and more control over every aspect of life in various countries.  Rather than look for a figure to allay such concerns, the EU is moving toward a leader who has called for a United States of Europe with a single military.  Ursula von der Leyen is Angela Merkel's defence minister and was proposed by EU leaders to take over in October as the new leader in Brussels. Read more of this post

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