Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thoughts On This Saturday & A Story that Must Be Told.....

It was beautiful day in Laguna Niguel.     It was also a busy day in #Outsiders with Notations and Views of the Week being released although the team had initialy decided to be "dark".    As I was on the "prowl", I wanted to report on this very beautiful note I received from    It is on a very nice note as I saw this--I made a token contribution to this campaign and the beauty of the human spirit was ever so evident here: 

Salams,  today we can proudly say that we have reached a remarkable feat in our community's history and have demonstrated serious resolve by raising over $200,000 for those afflicted by the recent tragedy in San Bernardino, CA.
Yesterday (12/11/15), we flew in the father of one the deceased who was stuck in another state and was otherwise unable to make it to her funeral. His presence at a gathering last night, hosted by Senator Connie Levya, was brief but a somber reminder of the grief faced by these families. At this get together, one of the Muslim ER Medical Residents (visibly so due to her hijab), who was on-shift at the county hospital the day of the tragedy, treating the victims, recalled her experience that moved all the the public officials and Intefaith leaders present. 
We delivered the first check amounting to $100K that was the largest first sum received by United Way as other foundations begin to pitch. The United Way was designated by San Bernardino County for all contributors to channel their funds to families of the victims. 100% of these proceeds were earmarked for these families.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Jazakallah Khairan and many blessings!
United4SB Campaign

As I, along with the team, goes "dark" for the Week-End,  such are the stories that give me hope.    I also got the team to let me use this received from +Jonathan Huie as I wish all a fab rest of the weekend and a fab Week:

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