Monday, December 7, 2015

On An Interesting Day....and Watching Sri Lanka From the International Space Station......

It has been a very unfortuante day on the political front in the United States.  Donald Trump came out calling for a total ban on Muslim Immigration to the United States.    It was welcome that Jeb Bush called it "unhinged" along with others--this is right after President Obama's call for Tolerance.  The Speech last night was attacked by the Republicans--but Donald Trump went one step further.    Although Ezra Klein called it grotesque on his Facebook Page, I prefer to call it simply inhumane.   More than that, it is unconstitutional.  

Throughout my visits on "The Grid", I was lamenting how we were lacking our Generation's Edward R. Murrow and Joseph Welch who both stood up to Joseph McCarthy--whose views Trump epitomizes today in many ways.   It then occured to me--#Outsiders was launched to try to change th narrative and transform it.   Yes there are those like Vox, BuzzFeed and others who are also workign through it--but there needs to be a different way.   Whether the journey is successful is another question.

Our team has been "virtually pounding the pavement" will have some thoughts over the ensuing days.    What I took comfort in what Scott Kelly sent out as he bid good night to those of us on this Earth which I took my queue as I "go dark" for the night which I released to my Personal Twitter Feed earlier:

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