Friday, December 11, 2015

A Busy Yet Beautiful Day. w/#United4HumanityLA, #HR158 & Other thoughts.....

It has been quite a day as I have been witness to an explosion of activity in the aftermath of HR158.   The group that was formed which I joined has mushroomed to some 55,000 as the aftermath of the action taken by the House has been overwhelming.

As I was also working away and supporting the team's effort throughout the day with the release of the Friday Musical Interlude, I ran across this on n update on the progress being made from one of the leading Iranian Americans in the Country,  Dr. Firouz Naderi:

UPDATE -- Some progress.
Key senators have been contacted by prominent Iranian-Americans and have been made aware of the unintended consequences of HR158. Many in the House now say they regret the language and last minute riders that were passed. There is hope that Senate will make the bill less onerous for Iranian-Americans. Vote is likely next Wednesday.
Thank you PAAIA for working behind the scene reaching out to the members of Congress; thank you to thousands in the Community who have called their representatives, thank you to NIAC & ACLU for their efforts drawing attention to this issue. And thank you to the few who had the great idea of setting up HR158 Facebook page (~50,000 members in less than 3 days!!!).
Win or lose this issue, our community has come of age.

There is still a lot of work that the Community must do.  But the coming together is just one indciation as I just checked on the campaign for San Bernadino launched by Faisal Qazi which I was privileged to contribute to--staggering in how people have come together as he is at 194,000 and exceeded his goal of 175,000.  Please click on here for the latest on this progress.    

I was also so gratified to be invited to join the local chapter of @NIAC Action to join this rally in Los Angeles--I would not be able to attend becuase I was just asked to support Aliso Viejo Middle School's Debate Club--but this is just another indication that we shall truly overcome:

On such a beautiful day, I thought I end this retrospective on the eve of the W-End as I have asked the team to be "dark" with this true "oldie" but "goodie" from Louis Armstrong as I wish you all a fab joyous and fantastic weekend:

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