Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Brief Thoughts On This Christmas Eve 2015

As the team was putting the finishing touches on Christmas Greetings throughout the Network, I ran across this that I could not help but share this from the Peanuts Gang: 

I also had attended Saddleback Church's Christmas Service at its' Dana Point Campus earlier tonight.   I realized there is a reason Pastor Rick is as beloved as he is.  It was an atmosphere of love, laughter, joy and happiness as he shared the challenges and the embraces of faith.     He talked about the fears that Mary, Joseph, The Shepherd, Herod and Zachariah faced  It was just fascinating to be witness to.

There is truly a lot to be thankful for as we embrace 2016.   I have "put my foot down" literally so that the team takes a well deserved few days as we go dark throughout our network.  I hope the musical selections are of interest as they are released throughout the various channels of the #Outsider Network.     As I finished off these thoughts, I saw this from the Publisher of the "Nooner" which is quite a gift for all Beatles fans--although I warn you that the link for John Lennon's Happy Xmas is very hard to watch:

HAPPY X-MAS!  2:01am tomorow morning, you'll be able to listen the entire Beatles music catalog for the first time on streaming sites.

As I finished off final rounds, I saw this on my personal facebook page:

Each and everyone of us has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better #Ubuntu #Humanity
Posted by Nelson Mandela Foundation on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wishing all a Fab Holiday!!!

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