Saturday, December 26, 2015

On the Prowl For Christmas Week-End 2015.......

I had the pleasure and privilege to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my Family.  It reminded me of all the blessings Providence has bestwoed upon me..

'Touched By The Warmth', Says PM Modi After Meeting Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif    

It was also quite amazing Earlier tonight, a "thought 4 the week" on this weekend was released on #Outsiders.  The themes of Love, Unity and ideas are some of the things I hope we can pursue in 2016 especially embracing the poetry of Ibn Arabia in light of all that we've been witness to in our World.    

I have also been fascinated by China as well.    China's challenges is also of concern as the Economy continues to slow, the Environment continues to be a profound challenge and the related social fissures will be one of the challenges I look forward to the team's research and reflections here in #Outsiders in 2016.      The beauty of china was evident though as epitomized by this image from Shanghai:

Before I went dark on the "Grid" for Christmas Day, I shared this I received this that underscores the sentiments as we look to a new year which I wanted to conclude my thoughts with:   

“May your light rest in our hearts,
And remind us that you are the eternal star.”

“Let us dream of a world without any more violence –
A world of justice and hope.
Let us each give a hand to our neighbor…
As a symbol of peace and brotherhood.”
“Give us strength.
Fill us with love that we might love and be loved.
Let this be our prayer.”
~ Carol Bayer Sager and David Foster

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