Thursday, December 10, 2015

Working Away w/Thoughts 4 the Night......

It has been a busy day yet again in #Outsiders.   I was working on a column and ended up having to "take it offline" due to the fact that all my notations were not reflected.   I hope all enjoy this "thought 4 the day" though that I always personally enjoy checking out and sharing with my students as I listen away to Erik Erickson's discussions with a panel discussion of undecided voters as I can't help but wonder about their view of the World.

The team has decided on an interesting choice for the "Friday Musical Interlude" which is just fab....

Today's word is TRANSITIONING

Thanks for joining me.
What you do TODAY matters. Each day, I hope to inspire, challenge, and equip you with leadership teachings that are as timeless as they are true.

I am excited to share these short, powerful, FREE video messages with YOU. I encourage you to pass these on to others, and together we can intentionally enrich the world.



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