Monday, December 21, 2015

Winding Down 2015: On Our World, #Outsiders & Remembering the Fallen (First in a Series)

The year 2015 is fast coming to a close.      Although the team has been "dark" on the properties, the team has been busy with the daily social media curation on our World as we all here @ #outsiders gear up for 2016.    It has been quite busy on the US Political Scene as the Democrats had their debate and the Republicans exploded with demands for apology.   This is as Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina dropped out of the Presdeitnail race noting that he had "hit a wall".  The prospects of the Senior Senator from South Carolina losing in his home state was not too pretty a prospect.

It is going to be quite a year as Brazil has hit a wall, Argentina goes through a transition process, Spain will have a new Government and the Right in Europe will continue to make inroads--as Syria and Iraq continues to burn.    I have also been quite fascinated by how the Oil Market has literally fallen apart--and the bottom is yet to be recognized at the detriment of the Gulf States.   The challenge with Islam is also quite disturbing to say the least.   One of the interesting scholars I have been following is Akbar Ganji who has been quite vocal in debunking a number of key myths that the Islamic Republic has advanced (On the essence of Shiism) which is quite controversial.   It is also of note that there is a struggle for power in the Shiite World as we speak between Khameini in Tehran and Sistani in Najaf.   It was interesting to note how Khameini's mentor, Shahroodi (an Iraqi currently in Iran and a former Chief Justice of the Country), is being mentioned as a replacement for Sistani.   What is also of importance to note is that Shahroodi has been the "mentor" to Moqtada Al Sadr, the troublesome cleric that caused so much trouble for US Forces--some of the very forces at the forefront of the fight against #Daesh.   Iran, though, came out forcefully against the Visa waiver provision noting that it violated the agreement.   

As I have been reflecting upon this, there is plenty for the team to research, comment and assess for 2016.     As I "wind down" the  year, I wanted to remember the fallen in Afghanistan.  Six US Soldiers died in a Taliban attack at Baghram Airbase in Afghanistan which underscores the profound challenge faced by the World on the eve of 2016.     As I remembered them, I shared this earlier as a "Virtual Good Token" and hope that others throughout our nascent #Outsider community consider installing this APP and contributing to the worthy initiatives spearheaded here by Johnson & Johnson (as we in the Social Grid refer to as #jnj)

Tomorrow also is the anniversary of General Patton's death.  I could not help but wonder what his reaction would have been at the wars raging on by the United States throughout the World.    Will there be the courage found to truly transform?   I wonder...

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