Monday, December 14, 2015

What a Week....

It all started for me as I had a chance to join the youth of Aliso Viejo High School as they were on a Communtiy Service outing at the @Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County's Incredible Edible Farms.     I had a chance to learn how to plant lettuce and cabbage and got a chance to talk with one of the dedicated staffers, Raul, who oversees the Ranch.     I had the pleasure to join the Adopt-a-Pantry program sponsored by the Indian-American Community as some 249 Families were served and over 9,000 pounds of Food were disbursed.

As the week ensued, It was time for the Laguna Niguel Annual Holiday Parade.    I had the privilege to lead the Orange County Council Boy Scout Contingent down Crown Valley Parkway as some 360 Scouts and Scouters joined the contingent.   It was just fabulous.   It was also quite a Sunday yesterday as I had the privilege to support Aliso Viejo Middle School as it joined the Debate by +Orange County Debate League which had some 250 Middle School Students competing at two different facilities by serving as a Judge.    

It is "back to work" though for the team as the team worked on releasing a new "notation" and also released a newsflash on one of the Kickstarter Projects in addition to the dailly Twitter Curations on the key watch areas our team focuses on.     It is going to be quite a week as all race towards Christmas.

As I "raced" to finish these thoughts, I ran across this very cute clip courtesy of my good friend Jim Holden which I hope brings a smile to everyone's face:

This Looks Like A Normal Grocery Store, But When The Lights Go Out? Awesome.
It took a team of cashiers, 13 different hidden cameras and a whole lot Christmas spirit to pull off this epic holiday surprise! 
EdekaGermany’s largest supermarket chain, decided to surprise its shoppers with a seasonal treat. In an attempt to liven up the otherwise boring chore of grocery shopping, these cashiers opted to delight their patient shoppers with a choreographed orchestra that beeped the holiday classic, “Jingle Bells.” (Turn your sound up).
Click on this link:

Merry Christmas!  

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