Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winding Down the Year w/Notations For the Night (With Brief Updated Thoughts)

It has been a very challenging few weeks yet again  ever since Donald Trump came out with his grotesque and inhumane comments.   Although mainstream Republicans (including the top Republican in Government Speaker Ryan) have come out in opposition to Mr. Trump's views,  the adoption of HR158 is of profound concern as our Team released an update earlier on the grassroots efforts being done to make changes.

The worst manifestation of it was noted in this from Khalid Latif yesterday that was horrific in its' nature:

"As Islamophobia continues to rear its ugly head in America, hateful rhetoric turned into a hate crime last night in...
Posted by Khalid Latif on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It then continued as I saw reporting that +Council On American Islamic Relations offices in Washington were evacuated after a foreign substance was received.   I was quite pleased, though, as outreach efforts were continuing especially with the FBI and Anaheim Police Department noting that "we're here for you" while asking the Community's help--which is ever so vital as ever.     What I found quite challenging to grasp though was the Conservative Media (epitomized by Erik Erickson that I got on my personal email below) on how the move by Trump was right "politically correct and in how the Washington Post noted that it is "discipline & method".     Here is the excerpt of his comments as he is now on the air now with a panel of undecideds.   

It is clear that there is no path at all for him to the Presidency--but it will be interesting.  The paranoia on this was underscored by the moves by Texas to deny the right of Syrian Refugees to come to Texas--and Federal Courts have been rejecting moves by Texas again and again.  What I found quite on point was what I saw here that all Muslims must embrace in a major way: 

"The Islamic State wants every American Muslim to feel alienated," writes a naval officer. "We must not let that happen."
Posted by The New York Times Opinion Section on Thursday, December 3, 2015

This was fabulous to see:  

I also found this from Professor Dabashi quite on pointe which is ever so vital to embrace by all: 

Never allow the crooks, the charlatans, the criminals or the power-monger politicians determine your life, decide what...
Posted by Hamid Dabashi on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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