Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Working Away w/some mid-week thoughts on @realDonaldTrump; #California & #mistakes......

June has begun.  I can't help but wonder where the year has gone.    As we were witness to the horrific events in Houston with the shootings, today was no different--this was also as I saw reports of some 60 people being shot in Chicago over the Memorial Day Week-End.

 As I was working away this morning, I saw that UCLA was on lockdown after reports of a shooting.   I fired off a quick email to my cousin who serves as  Counselor there to make sure she was OK--thankfully she was as she noted that she had moved to a secure building until things were secure.    I fired off a quick personal tweet tagging the twitter handle of the Republican Party and the office of the House Speaker with the simple question:  How much is enough.   This is as Trump  his unqualified support for the 2nd Amendment as he seems to not have much patience for other elements of the Bill of Rights.    I was horrified when I saw his tirade against the Press yesterday for questioning him about his claims on monies raised for Veterans as he also went after a Federal District Judge--something that his spokesperson reiterated on appearances last week.   He put the press on notice:  It will like this when he makes it the White House. If that does not give people pause, I don't know what will.

What I found interesting this morning was how the trials of Donald Trump made the front page of the New York Times--yet the Wall Street Journal took a soft approach.   To the Wall Street Journal's credit, though, it was yet again tough on him on the Editorial Page Today especially on his attack on the Federal District Judge.          The Wall Street Journal was supportive of his speech on Energy Policy in North Dakota--although his speech was basically dismissed by analysts as underscored by this from the New York Times: 

What I found even more laughable was Trump's comments that there was no drought in California.   As someone who was witness to it all, it was needless to say disappointing.   The New Yorker's Andy Borowitz though said this on his Facebook wall that made me fall out of my chair in laughter:

The rather feeble attempts by Bill Kristol to mount a 3rd Party Challenger is at best will make one or two news cycles--the interesting story though is what the libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld will do.

As I finish off these thoughts and support the on-going development of #outsiders, I ran across this which I took comfort in as I remind myself of what the Great Diane Nyad always says-Onward:

“Some people cannot accept mistakes.
Everything has to be perfect from the start.
They think others will look down on them
if they appear to be flawed.
These people are frequently stressed.
The happiest and most successful people
focus on improvement.
They love mistakes and flaws,
because they see them as opportunities to grow.
Learn from these people.
Have lofty goals,
but have realistic standards.
Don’t judge yourself based on the results of your action.
See them as feedback,
and seek improvement from there.”

~ Blon Lee

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