Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On the Grid w/Some Brief Personal Thoughts....

It has been quite a challenging and tragic week.   As such, I refrained from sharing some personal thoughts on the one year anniversary of the Daily Outsider Twitter Channel.     It truly blew me away as I helped to launch the Daily Outsider Twitter Channel that has been at it for a year--to do what can be done to give back, to encourage and to empower as much as possible.     What a journey it has been so far!!!

I will be "taking it easy" for a few days over my own Twitter Feed for some personal introspection as I also work away on some pressing projects.     The #Outsider team will be continuing with the Daily Twitter Curation as it prepares for the Friday Musical Interlude.     We also had some excitement here in South Orange County as a fire was going on south of Laguna Niguel.    A helicopter just flew over me as it went down to get water from Laguna Niguel Lake to fight the fire.      

As I go dark here in these pages over the ensuing days,   I hope all enjoy the periodic #quote on my Personal Twitter Feed and the Latest that is published for me by the team at Paper Li, I saw this that truly spoke to me:

Being thankful, taking care of oneself, working hard  and giving back is resonating ever more.    It has been the driving force behind #outsiders--it has been a challenging journey and doubts have persisted as I have seen the at times what I'm up against.    But if the great Diane Nyad at the age of 64 was able to overcome the challenges as she did, so can I!!


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