Monday, June 20, 2016

Brief Personal Thoughts on Movies & Love: "Susan Hayward" Thanks For Knowing You

I began my Monday by visiting St. Timothy's as our Parish Priest, Monsignor Urell, blessed the new Pantry as we began a new era at the Pantry.  I look forward to being at the Parish Campus Wednesday.

The love, compassion and care I saw Monday led me to think through two fabulous movies that depict love, commitment and a sense of compassion.   Two of my favourite movies are the President's Lady and the Soldier of Fortune.    I admit they are "Hollywood Productions"!!     Both of them are stories of love that transcend it all. I ran across a full clip of the 1953 film with Charleston Heston On YouTube and could not help but be taken by the love that Andrew Jackson for Rachel--and how he kept every promise:  

This was also quite telling: 

Enough said!!!


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