Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Working Away........

It has been a rather interesting day already as I caught glimpses of the great debate going on in London right now on the great Debate as Britain prepares to vote.  

It was also a bit of a retrospective day of sorts as I caught glimpses of the Dalai Lama's speech before the California State Legislature (available at the Daily Outsider tomorrow) along with catching up on two of my favorite New York Times columnist, Roger Cohen and David Brooks which I had the pleasure to share on my Personal Twitter Feed today.     David Brooks' focus was especially poignant about how resilient the grass roots are and how the communities are dealing with the profound fissures of challenges and change.     It was also a day that I caught an interesting "Food For Thought" seminar done by Success with interesting thoughts and ideas by the always energetic +Peter Diamandis on the possibilities of the future--and the simple point he noted in his Abundance 360 newsletter I captured in a Management & Leadership Primer I did in my personal notes here. .   The need to be able to disrupt oneself is as old as life itself.

As I reflected upon this day, I dug up this very interesting interview with Dr. Oliver Saks which is as perceptive as ever and speaks volumes:

As I embraced his thoughts, I also had a chance to visit Values.Com and picked this up--It reminded me as I read this about the interview Jox Cox's Husband, Brendan, had with SkyNews to thank Britain for all the support shown.    It took a lot of guts and courage by him to do this--I don't know how he was able to work up the courage to convey the tragedy to his two young children.

As a point of personal retrospective, Gordon B.  Hinckley was a former President of the Church of Jesus Christ of later Day Saints,   One of his cousins, Helen Hinckely Jones and her late husband, Ivan, took me in and supported me in the early years and I am forever grateful for their gracious heart and counsel in the early years:

Give yourself a smile! #smile #love #happiness www.values.com

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