Friday, June 17, 2016

On the Eve of this Fathers' Day W-End: Thought(s) For the Week to Share....

As I have been reflecting upon the #Outsiders journey, I could not help but wonder about the fabulous milestones: 
  • I have been on Twitter since 2008 and helped to launch the Twitter Channel for Daily Outsider a year ago last month!!
  • I could not believe that I have done over 20,000 Tweets personally and the Daily Outsider has generated over 4,000 Tweets.   It is not much compared to what, for instance, the Guardian of London has done with over 250,000 tweets and other "giants" out there--but it is fun to be holding one's own against it all.
As I reflected upon the admonitions above, I look forward to doing my part to "Shine Baby, Shine...."

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