Sunday, June 5, 2016

On The Eve of A New Week: On @LagunaNiguelCty, #Service & #Hope....

I had the pleasure to be witness to  this afternoon of service joining members of Troop 772 that I have the privilege to serve as a Committee Member and edit the Website.     Members of the City Council joined by our local State Senator, former Supervisor and State Assembly Member Pat Bates joined in this day of service that featured honoring former Mayor McClosky who passed away.    The week  culminated in a day of service as our Troop held a day of training for the Scouts on their way to reach their Eagle Scout Status.   I worked on capturing a Visual Essay of the day:


How all the Scouters (who we in the Scouting movement refer to as adult leaders) came together was absolutely beautiful to be witness to.     The culmination of this amazing day for me was to have joined  the City of Laguna Niguel's Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner where the City's 2015 citizen of the year was selected:  Betty Paquette.   She has been a resident of Laguna Niguel for over 40 years and as the list of her contributions was shared, I was in awe!!   I had the privilege to shake her hand to simply say thanks--it is all that can be done for such selfless souls.  

Being witness to such that rekindles my faith daily about a future that is bright beyond our wildest dreams.     

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