Tuesday, June 14, 2016

On the Prowl For the Day w/Thoughts on our World, The US Campaign & Staying Hopeful....

I had the pleasure to attend a lecture at the Soka University of America last night on the final day of a summit held at Soka to fulfill a vision that the founder of Soka, Dr. Ikeda, had on being Global Citizens and how there needed to be a sense of transformation vital to our future.   This is as I saw this during my morning review from the Fortune's Alan Murray on his CEO Daily newsletter this morning: 

Underlying these trends is a general revolt against the elite - with business leaders as well as political leaders included in that tent. That's the real lesson of the Brexit vote, as well as the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the U.S. And it's probably the biggest challenge leaders of large global companies face in the years ahead. They need to find a way to restore the public's trust in their businesses and in the global economic system, or see that system continue to erode. No small task.

I was on the prowl last night as I was trying to understand Donald Trump's "ban" on the Washington Post after a speech he gave yesterday that was just absolutely beyond the pale in terms of conspiracy theories.     The blame game and even having the nerve to implicate the President was mind-boggling especially as his misstatements continue--Joe Scarborough called it lies--and I for one was grateful to hin as an ordinary face.    One reality in the United States was brought to bear in this Sydney Morning Herald Column which I made it a point of tagging the GOP on.     The last 24 hours underscores a simple fact I have underscored:   unless something drastic happens, Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

 As I have been assessing our World and supporting the work on #Outsiders over the ensuing days, there is a very interesting news about how the Democratic National Committee having been hacked by Russians and supposedly having had data on Donald Trump stolen.      There are two very interesting developments  in Technology that the #Outsiders Team team will be assessing:  the Microsoft/LinkedIn Purchase and how a Federal Appeals Court has upheld the Obama Administration's net neutrality rules--that I personally view as  hopeful for startups like the Daily Outsider.

As I finish off these thoughts, I took comfort in this thought: 



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