Friday, June 17, 2016

On the Eve of My 200th Post: Some "Tip of the Week" To Share....

It was a rather busy week as I had a chance to join this Government Virtual Innovators Tech Day.    There were some interesting insights on what is going on as Government continues to transform.   It showcased that Government is  in very interesting and engaging ways.   It showcased Public Service at its' Very Best.  


Sorry we missed you at our Government Innovators Virtual Tech Day, but don't worry, it's now on-demand! Four online trainings, one awesome keynote and lots of resources are ready for you to view.

Use the links below to access the entire virtual summit on-demand:

Time: Available until September 15, 2016

To make the virtual environment easy for you to navigate, we suggest you do these three things:

Start by going to the Conference Hall to view the trainings, including our keynote with William Chumley, Chief Customer Officer, Governor's Office of IT, State of Colorado and Dr. Michael Valivullah, Chief Technology Officer, US Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Training topics include data centers, predictive analytics, how to use data and much more!

Resources can be found in the main plaza on every topic in government.

Short on time? Read the top takeaways in the awesome blog post recaps on GovLoop and join in on the discussions.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at 


Team GovLoop

P.S. Keep up with all of our online events here and be sure to check out GovLoop Academyfor even more on-demand learning.

I also ran across this which is just fabulous to embrace:

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As I also share this from the fabulous John Maxwell:

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Happy Fathers' Day To all!!!

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